Can AI make Managed Service Providers even more powerful?

AI for Managed Service Providers
AI is everywhere. AI powers so much of our modern lifestyles and the technologies we use every day. It assists you when you’re writing and responding to emails, helps match employees to jobs on LinkedIn and operates website chatbots. Often, when you visit a website, if you can’t get through to someone on a phone, you may see an option to chat. And before you actually get someone connected to your chat, you may answer a number of automated questions to help get you the answers you need – that’s AI. So how will AI shape the future of Managed Service Providers?

Enter: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a huge new name in Artificial Intelligence and if it is utilised properly it could prove to be a goldmine for MSPs. These technologies will only continue to evolve and emerge – Just this week, Google announced its competitor, ‘Bard.’ Now, before anyone starts to worry, AI is not something that will replace jobs within an MSP. If used correctly it should instead give them a helpful tool that will make their lives a bit easier and give people using the MSP a better experience overall. However, many people are probably wondering how a chatbot like ChatGPT will ever be easier than talking to a human and resolving the issue. The issue isn’t the human on the phone, the issue is more the time spent going through the process. For example, if you have a problem with something IT-related (such as accessing your network) then you’ll call your service desk. The analyst on the other end of the call will try and decipher your problem and diagnose the issue and ask if you’ve followed a load of logical steps – which, of course, you have. But this is needless to-ing and fro-ing, and time is money, who needs to be on the phone resolving an issue for a longer period when you could get it sorted in minutes? Time is money, after all. Read more: What will be trending in the world of IT in 2023?

A powerful knowledge bank

MSPs have an incredible amount of knowledge on hand to help their customers. Therefore, if they combine that with a resource like ChatGPT, they can create their own, bespoke and detailed bank of answers that can be searched in seconds. That way, problems can be diagnosed and resolved without users needing to pick up the phone to their MSP. It also means that IT analysts will have the power to escalate problems in a timelier manner and get to the root cause of the problem as users will come on a call armed with prior knowledge, and suggestions, afforded to them by AI. Read more: The Perks of Productivity 

What does the future hold? 

So, what for the future? Well, the potential is there for MSPs to make more of ChatGPT technology and use it as a firm foundation for a powerful knowledge base to help speed up, diagnose, and solve a number of IT system issues. This technology is here to be embraced and anything that helps out MSPs and our customers sound like it will only be the start of something fantastic. Contact Managed to talk to us about how we can support your IT network.
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