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Achieve more across the entire organisation with the world’s #1 family of productivity apps.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft productivity apps have been at the heart of business computing since the 1980s, and Microsoft365 is the ultimate choice for modern businesses. Managed247 is a multi-award-winning managed service provider and certified Microsoft partner that helps organisations adopt the cloud-based versions of key business tools like MS Word, Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Exchange. This allows your business to tap into the most powerful suite of productivity office apps with the benefits of cloud computing.

Traditional Microsoft application architecture is outdated in the modern business world. Cloud-based implementations take business operations into the modern age. A combination of web and mobile apps, along with collaborative features, facilitate increased productivity on an individual and collective level. It additionally opens the door to greater capabilities like hosting webinars, access and data control, customer appointment management, and cyber threat detection.  

Now Microsoft 365 can be utilised as a standalone service or incorporated within IT consultancy, Cloud Migration, and ongoing end-user IT Support services. For teams that are already familiar with traditional architecture, the learning curve is minimal too. Either way, Managed247 can facilitate a quick and smooth transition, taking existing business files into the cloud

A fully comprehensive Microsoft365 integration and migration service includes the following aspects;


  • A thorough audit of your current architecture and analysis of which Office 365 is the right fit for the company.

  • Setting up the shared applications and spaces to enable ongoing collaborations across multiple teams and devices.

  • Connecting Microsoft 365 and its apps to the business domain via a Domain Account Sign Up, where applicable.

  • Adding the necessary security features to keep your cloud-based Microsoft Office activities safe.

  • Training and ongoing support for the business and individual users to ensure sustained success and smooth operations.

Microsoft365 overcomes potential issues linked to working across multiple operating systems (like Mac and PC). Organisations that seek smooth connectivity of apps and users can turn to Microsoft 365 and Managed247 for the ultimate solution whilst allowing cli for Microsoft 365.

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Is Microsoft 365 the right choice for your business? If any of the following aspects would be beneficial for you, now is the time to make an upgrade…

Always have the latest versions of apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, Exchange, and more.

Encourage collaboration across all relevant teams through real-time connections and shared calendars, mailboxes, documents, and more.

Gain the flexibility of being able to switch between Basic, Standard, and Premium Office365 packages.

Maintain full upscaling opportunities as all packages are available on a per-user pricing plan.

Protect yourself from office downtime thanks to remote access to all Office365 features.

Keep your business files and data protected with security features like two-step authentication and anti-malware.

Save time by promoting a straightforward and streamlined approach to communication, even when not directly collaborating.

Predict your spending thanks to the monthly subscription model while also avoiding the outlay of traditional licence agreements.

Switch to Microsoft 365 Today

If your business has persisted with outdated tools, now is the time to complete the switch to Microsoft365. Whether you simply need help making the migration to the cloud-based productivity suite or want an expert to implement ongoing management, Managed247 is the answer.

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