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Benefits of Microsoft Cyber Security Insights

Digital threats can occur at any time and could cause incredible damage to your business. Customer data could be stolen, industry secrets might be leaked, and it could expose employee information. These are all catastrophic situations that could potentially ruin your business. Protect your company, employees, and clients today by receiving your cyber security insights report.

Managed247 understands that the world of cybersecurity is a constant battle. In order to stay ahead, it’s vital that you stay informed and adopt the latest practices and measures to protect your business. But in order to do this, you need to analyse your security profile to discover inefficiencies and flaws that could leave you vulnerable.

This is where our Microsoft Cyber Security insights report comes in. Our reports can provide you with valuable insights and expert analysis to help you make informed decisions. We provide actionable data and recommendations to help you strengthen your digital defences and protect your business from would-be cybercriminals.

Three Simple Steps to deliver our Assessments:
  • Choose an Assessment Type
  • Download Full Sample Report for that Assessment
  • Purchase either 1, 2 or 4 Pack of Assessments
  • Short form (3 mins) to complete with your details
  • Certified Microsoft Consultants Engage
  • Deployment of Simple Assessment Engine
  • Data Capture begins (4-6 weeks depending on size)
  • Data is analysed
  • Full Assessment Plan is delivered to you in PDF
  • 1 Hour Feedback Session with Microsoft Certified Engineer on findings
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Certified Microsoft Partners since 2009.
We have years of successful implementations and follow Microsoft best practices. BSI ISO27001, 20000, 14001, 9001

Sample Report Pack

Full Sample Assessment Pack
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  • See ALL Full Sample Reports
  • Free, No Obligation
  • Immediate Download in PDF Format
  • No Obligation, Quick Sign up


Choose 1 Assessment Type
£ 2,950

1 Assessment
  • Choose 1 Assessment Type
  • 4-6 Week Workflow
  • We do the hard work
  • Delivered by Microsoft Certified Professionals


Choice of 2 Assessment Types
£ 5,399

2 Assessments
  • Choice of 2 Assessment Types​
  • 4-6 Week Workflow
  • Run the process in parallel to maximise insight
  • Delivered by Microsoft Certifiied Professionals


Get all 4 Assessment Types
£ 9,750

4 Assessments
  • Everything in Gold
  • All 4 Assessments
  • Azure Cloud Readiness, Modern Work Assessment
  • Cyber Security Insights & Virtual Desktop Assesment

Further Benefits of Microsoft Cyber Security Insights

1. Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive security insights report provides a wealth of information to help you secure your business and protect your assets. From identifying protection coverage to checking for vulnerability patches, our complete analysis will help you understand the level of protection you’re currently at and what you can do to improve it. We cover the latest attack vectors, cybersecurity trends, and even individual devices on your network such as laptops and smartphones.

2. Actionable Advice

Managed247 provides actionable advice and recommendations to help you strengthen your cybersecurity measures the moment you receive our report. We offer practical insights and guide our clients to mitigate risks while implementing the best cybersecurity practices to improve your defences. We’ll provide simple and straightforward advice to cover each vulnerability, and we’ll make suggestions for new devices or services if needed.

3. Risk Identification

Different software and hardware could lead to various vulnerabilities and weak points in your defences. We perform a thorough examination of your business and its workflow to help you identify any weak pieces of software that could potentially cause security issues. Whether it’s due to a history of vulnerabilities or a lack of security updates, it’s best to be prepared for these cases with our comprehensive security insights report.

4. Cost Optimisation

You will gain insights into the potential savings that you could see with proper management of licences and cybersecurity measures.

Protecting your business from digital threats is never low cost, but we will help you make the most of your security budget by identifying areas of potential cost optimisation.

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