Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment

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Benefits of a Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment

Our Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment is a perfect starting point for those businesses exploring the opportunity of migrating to a Windows / Azure Virtual Desktop environment or those wishing to optimise existing Virtual Desktop environments.

Virtual desktop infrastructures has become more important than ever, enabling ease of scalability and enhancing security, while also giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere they want. When used correctly, it can result in a massive increase in employee productivity.

Leverage the power of Microsoft’s virtualisation solutions today by learning more about your company and how well it’s currently utilising Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop.

Whilst Virtual Desktop environments can be used for everything from performing basic office tasks to running demanding simulations. But no matter what you use it for, it’s vital for the environment to be optimised and cost-efficient.

Three Simple Steps to deliver our Assessments:
  • Choose an Assessment Type
  • Download Full Sample Report for that Assessment
  • Purchase either 1, 2 or 4 Pack of Assessments
  • Short form (3 mins) to complete with your details
  • Certified Microsoft Consultants Engage
  • Deployment of Simple Assessment Engine
  • Data Capture begins (4-6 weeks depending on size)
  • Data is analysed
  • Full Assessment Plan is delivered to you in PDF
  • 1 Hour Feedback Session with Microsoft Certified Engineer on findings
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Sample Report Pack

Full Sample Assessment Pack
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Choose 1 Assessment Type
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1 Assessment
  • Choose 1 Assessment Type
  • 4-6 Week Workflow
  • We do the hard work
  • Delivered by Microsoft Certified Professionals


Choice of 2 Assessment Types
£ 5,399

2 Assessments
  • Choice of 2 Assessment Types​
  • 4-6 Week Workflow
  • Run the process in parallel to maximise insight
  • Delivered by Microsoft Certifiied Professionals


Get all 4 Assessment Types
£ 9,750

4 Assessments
  • Everything in Gold
  • All 4 Assessments
  • Azure Cloud Readiness, Modern Work Assessment
  • Cyber Security Insights & Virtual Desktop Assesment

Further Benefits of a Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment

1. Comprehensive Insights

Our insights report will cover everything from pricing options to program overviews and recommendations. We’ll share all of our findings with your company, including how well each virtual server is being utilised, and help you generate thorough financial documents to help you understand exactly how much you could save.

2. Identify Virtual Desktop Opportunities 

There are still plenty of businesses that aren’t properly utilising their virtual desktop opportunities. Our analytics tools can help you identify various areas of the business that could be greatly simplified by using a virtual desktop environment. Everything from the OS type to how many resources the desktop is using will be taken into consideration.

3. Unlock Scalability and Flexibility

Uncover the true potential of your business by establishing a scalable and flexible virtual desktop infrastructure. Our assessment will help you understand what’s possible through scaling and offer actionable insights on migrating to a new system. Scalable solutions are critical for all businesses as it ensures that they can accommodate growing demand and workloads.

4. Actionable Recommendations

We make sure to provide actionable insights and data to our clients. Our reports are filled with helpful advice and analytics that will help you understand the benefits of a virtual desktop environment and how it can be carefully implemented with your business. We’ll create a bespoke roadmap to help you plot out a list of actionable steps to establish your virtual desktop infrastructure.

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