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Are you on the lookout for a remote and/or on-site IT support company in the UK? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. At Managed247, we provide an array of IT support services to mid-level & enterprise clients all over the country.
By working closely with your company, Managed247 guarantees that your business can keep pace with the demands of modern IT solutions by having a professional team of experts on your side 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
To get a free quote or to find out how our IT services support businesses in the UK, please get in touch with our team today. You can do that either by enquiring through our website or by calling us on 0800 033 4800.

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Chart showing a high net promoter score for Managed247 and their IT Support services

From the 1st January to 31st December 2023 our IT Service Desk achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92 against an industry average of 60.

Importance of Reliable IT Support for Businesses

IT is at the heart of the modern-day business. It’s responsible for streamlining processes, improving employee productivity, and increasing your company’s bottom line. Without the use of IT, the opposite is true. And while IT can be of massive help to your business, things can and will go wrong. And if you can’t fix the problem yourself – the IT issue can cost your company dearly.
When you have an experienced, trusted, and hard-working IT support partner by your side, you don’t need to worry about any IT-related issues that arise. If you partner with Managed247, the second you experience an IT issue, we’ll resolve the problem right away – no matter how big or small it may be. That’s why many businesses in the likes of Domino’s and Hitachi rely on our expertise every day.

Core Features of Our IT Support Services

IT Support Available 24/7

As the name of our company suggests, our IT support services are available to our customers 24/7, 365. That way, your business and its smooth operation (from an IT standpoint) will always be guaranteed.

We’ll Tailor Our Service to Your Needs

Rather than offering every customer the same 24/7 IT support packages, we prefer to provide a bespoke solution. That way, our clients know exactly what support they can expect and don’t need to pay for services that they are not going to use.

Our Engineers Can Resolve Any IT Problem

Having worked in the IT support industry for over 15 years, Managed247 employs some of the brightest and most experienced IT support engineers in the country. Thanks to their vast experience, there is no IT problem that they can’t resolve.

Key Benefits Of Using Our IT Support Services

Save Money From Hiring an Internal IT Team

Hiring and training an internal IT team is a time-consuming and costly process. That’s why most mid-level & enterprise businesses often outsource all of their IT support needs. That way, they can reap all the benefits from day one.

Online & In-Person Support

While most IT-related problems can be resolved over the Internet, some require an on-site visit. To ensure that we can resolve 100% of your IT issues, our IT support staff and their services are available over the Internet as well as in person.

Fast & Efficient Problem Resolution

In business, every hour is crucial. One of the key benefits of our business IT support service is that our staff can resolve any IT-related issue quickly and efficiently. That way, your business will be back to normal in no time.

Complete Peace of Mind

Whenever an IT-related problem occurs within your business, it can be a stressful event. This is especially true if the problem is one that you can’t resolve on your own. Thanks to our IT support service, you can rest assured that no matter what type of IT-related problem occurs, we will be right there to resolve it.

Why Choose Our IT Support Services?

Rather than list a number of reasons why you should choose Managed247 over any other IT service provider, we’d rather tell you why businesses like Domino’s, Hitachi, Watford F.C. – and many others have been trusting our services for years:

  • We provide IT support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Our IT support engineers can resolve your problem remotely or on-site
  • There is no IT problem too big or too small for our team to handle
  • We respond to incoming IT support enquiries right away
  • We save our clients a lot of money in the short and the long run

If you’d like to find out what type of IT support we can provide your business with, or to get a quote for our services, get in touch with us today. You can do that by calling us on 0800 033 4800 or by enquiring through our website.

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In most basic terms, the phrase ‘IT Support Services’ refers to a group of services provided by a specialised company or individual who has the responsibility of helping a business with all their IT-related needs.
This can be anything from providing software and hardware support and cyber security solutions to managing and maintaining computer networks, ensuring security and backing up data, and offering IT advice. These types of services can typically be provided remotely, on-site, or a hybrid of the two.
The primary goal of an outsourced IT support provider is to help a business ensure that all of its IT networks and technology operate smoothly and efficiently at all times. This will ultimately minimise downtime, boost productivity, and help a company achieve its business objectives.

While we can’t speak for other managed IT support companies, we can tell you what services our IT support business offers. Managed247’s IT services include Shared IT Service Desk, Dedicated IT Service Desk, and ITIL Services.
Please note that whether you choose to go for one of our service desk or ITIL services, we will always tailor your package to the unique needs of your business. That way, you won’t have to pay for a service that you’re not going to use. Once we have the consultation call with you and know a little bit more about the needs of your business, we will create a bespoke IT support package just for you.

IT support serves several purposes within an organisation. They are mostly geared toward ensuring business continuity by resolving technical issues and optimising the current use of technology. The result of which minimises the waste of resources in case of downtime, which will ultimately positively impact the company’s bottom line.
Not to mention that if your business has a reliable IT partner with great support capabilities, besides the monetary benefits involved, you and your staff also don’t have to face any pressure or stress in case an IT-related problem arises.

An IT support company is responsible for providing a timely solution to any IT-related problem their client might have. In the case of Managed247, our client responsibilities vary, as each client is provided with a bespoke service. To give you an idea, here are some of the responsibilities our engineers have on a daily basis:

  • Technical assistance
  • Digital transformation
  • Ensure computer systems are up to date
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring
  • Security management
  • Backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery

If an issue arises, you can get in touch with your account manager right away. Then, one of our fully trained engineers will be put in touch with you to try and find a solution to your problem. If the problem is more complex and/or requires our on-site technicians to visit you – that may take a little longer.
Whatever the case might be, there is one thing that you should know. As part of our promise to deliver a high-quality service, we will always try to get to you as quickly as possible – no matter what time of day it is. Once in touch with our team about your issue, tell them what the problem is and they’ll give you a rough estimate of when you can expect one of our support staff to be with you.

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