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Feel assured in migrating to the Azure Virtual Desktop with Managed247.

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, is a Microsoft Azure-based system for virtualizing its Windows operating systems and is universally accepted as one of the best virtual desktops for organisations of all shapes and sizes. As a certified Microsoft partner and multi-award-winning managed services provider, Managed247 is perfectly positioned to help your business complete the transition from traditional infrastructure to the highly advanced Azure Virtual Desktop setup.

Virtual desktops like Azure enable your company to host its desktops on dedicated cloud servers. So, rather than relying on a traditional desktop that is stored on an individual device, users can access their desktop from any compatible device. Azure Virtual Desktop works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and HTML5 while it additionally provides a framework that enables users to work on either Windows 10 or Windows 11 applications. 

Managed247 can support your migration to the Windows Virtual Desktop by completing its implementation, including application configurations and individual user credentials. Alternatively, our managed services can cover everything from updating applications and managing security. Either way, Azure Windows Desktop services may also be used in conjunction with other Cyber Security and IT consultancy services. Our experts will;

  • Complete a full audit to assess your readiness for the Windows Virtual Desktop and cloud-based virtualisation.

  • Manage all aspects of implementation, including infrastructure and user access rights, to ensure a smooth transition and value for money.

  • Help your business teams through the transitional phase so that employees are comfortable with using virtual desktops.

  • Provide a full remote-based management service to complete app updates, security checks, and other admin duties – if required.

  • Ensure that Azure Virtual Desktop integrates with other IT infrastructure to ensure your business unlocks its full potential.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) utilises sophisticated technology but, once implemented, will streamline and simplify your ongoing IT management while simultaneously ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

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Migrating to a Windows Virtual Desktop will deliver a plethora of benefits for the company, including but not limited to…

Greater flexibility due to worldwide access from any compatible device, which is particularly useful for firms that embrace hybrid working.

Increased consistency across the company as admins can ensure that all users have the same applications and software versions.

Savings of time and money because IT admins will no longer have to complete tasks on individual computers or devices.

Further cost reductions and improved cash flow management due to using subscriptions and automated updates rather than traditional licensing.

The ability to upscale, downscale, or change your virtual desktop needs to reflect the company’s changing situation.

Improved security supported by the power of Microsoft, cloud computing, and your managed service provider.

Easier troubleshooting and disaster recovery thanks to a centralised approach rather than treating individual devices.

Eradicate the issues linked to updating devices, experiencing hardware failures, and other issues linked to traditional infrastructure.

Join The Windows Desktop Virtual Revolution Now

If you demand a modern solution that combines the functional aspects of a traditional desktop with added capabilities and versatility, Azure Virtual Desktop is the answer. To learn more about making the transition today, contact Managed247 now.

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