Penetration Testing

Identify and correct your IT vulnerabilities before they cost you a fortune!

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

Managed247 dedicated penetration testing services form a central feature of a robust cyber security strategy that’s capable of protecting your company’s IT systems. Our penetration testers utilise some of the latest hacking and breaching to replicate the attacks that your business may come under to identify its current vulnerabilities. Thankfully, this is done in a pre-authorised manner and is only used to spot the current problems. Our pen testers never pose a risk to your company servers or sensitive data.

Penetration testing is important for businesses across the UK because a single breach could potentially spell financial and reputation disaster. It is far better to identify the issues and fix them now rather than wait until a hacker breaks through inadequate IT defences. The independent analysis should subsequently be followed by other cyber security features like planned EDR protocols. Given that over half of all companies that fall victim to cyber breaches quit trading within six months, ignoring potential vulnerabilities is not an option.

Once the right strategies are in place to protect the business, it is also important to support the business by investing in staff cybersecurity training that can eradicate the threat of breaches caused by human error. Without pen testers, though, the additional cybersecurity measures can only have a limited impact. Penetration testing may involve several individual assignments depending on the company’s needs. Key components may include;

  • Red teaming penetration testing, which emulates what a genuine hacker might try to do.

  • Web application penetration testing to spot potential pitfalls in the app’s cybersecurity measures.

  • Network penetrations testing, which sees pet testers investigate vulnerabilities with internal and external networks.

  • Social engineering penetration testing, which focuses on phishing scams and other staff-related vulnerabilities.

  • Wireless network penetration test, which looks at WI-Fi vulnerabilities, such as encryption cracking.

Regardless of your industry, Managed247’s 24x7x365 approach will put you on the path to increased security in the digital space.

Managed247’s pen testers will deliver a comprehensive analysis of your systems. Reasons to choose our services include…

  • As a Microsoft and Cisco partner, our pen testers can target all major business IT infrastructures.

  • It creates a stronger connection between IT protocols and the company’s primary objectives.

  • There will be increased stability across the company not least because you’ll avoid potential disruption.

  • Following the identification of potential vulnerabilities, our penetration testers can help you fix them fast.

  • The rewards of increased visibility regarding vulnerabilities make it easier to budget accordingly and give you peace of mind.

  • Improved business security measures will subsequently aid employee and client experiences.

  • We are a UK-based managed services provider, meaning you can gain quick responses and ongoing support.

  • Our outsourced services offer exceptional value, particularly when coupled with IT support, and a time-effective solution.
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It is impossible to fix IT cyber security problems if you don’t know that they exist. Penetration testing is the ultimate IT service to find them. Arrange for Managed247’s pen testers to audit your network and infrastructure today.

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