IT Architecture

Whether you’re considering on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid architecture, we will design every part of your business network after consulting with you. 

IT Architecture

IT architecture covers all of the information technology that you are likely to use in your business. This can include the software applications, data, and technology infrastructure that delivers on your business objectives and strategies. 

Building a computer system for your business can be very costly if you purchase products without knowing what it is you actually need. It can be time-consuming too, which can be a real problem if your business has to experience downtime when you’re designing and deploying your IT architecture.

This is where Managed247 can help. Whether you’re considering on-premise, cloud computing, or a hybrid architecture, we will design every part of your business network after consulting with you.

Do you need a Technology Consultant?

If you don’t have IT professionals on your current team, then yes, you will likely need the services of a certified professional for your IT architecture. With our help, you will have somebody at your side who has an excellent understanding of business technologies and who will advise you on what you need to ensure the smooth running of your business. 

Even if you do have somebody versed in IT on your staff, it can still be a good idea to bring in an outside team as they may have skills that your team member doesn’t. 

If you are just starting out in business, then the services of a technology consultant can be invaluable as they will advise you on everything you need to get your IT network up and running. 

If you are planning on scaling your business or if it is already growing at a rapid rate, you will need to scale your IT architecture accordingly, so this is another situation where you might need the services of a technology consultant.

The Benefits of using a certified professional for your IT architecture:

Reduce business costs

The hiring and training process for an IT employee can be very costly. The expense is out of reach for a lot of small to mid-sized businesses, which is why outsourcing to an IT company can be cost-effective.


Our team members have years of experience helping businesses design and deploy IT architecture and have knowledge of a wide range of industries. We have a deep understanding of what individual organisations need so can give you advice that is tailored to your particular infrastructure.

Data protection

It’s vital that your sensitive data is secured. Should there be a data breach, your company will be at great financial risk as your loyal customers will lose trust in you and ou might also incur a fine for breaking compliance regulations. Working with a managed service provider can reduce this risk as we will make sure your systems are covered by advanced security solutions so you can protect your sensitive data and remain compliant.

Get in touch with our IT Consultancy Team.

If you’re starting out in business or are looking to scale up your existing IT architecture, get in touch with our strategic consultancy team. We will audit your business and assess your needs before delivering the required range of IT services.

We can remain available to you after completing this work with regular IT support for as long as you need our services.

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