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Cyberattacks impact the majority of businesses, with over 70% of large organisations in the UK, experiencing breaches. Professional IT cyber security solutions can help you protect the company against potential vulnerabilities and prevent the financial and reputational repercussions that follow attacks. Managed247 can implement a tailored cyber security strategy that provides round-the-clock protection that simultaneously puts minds at ease and allows companies to focus on actively managing daily productivity.

Outsourced cyber security allows your business to leverage success from the collective knowledge of a managed service provider (MSP). Cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought, especially as it directly impacts employees and customers too. With new threats entering the landscape daily, Managed247 can keep your defence systems in optimal health.

Managed247 is an award-winning MSP that has designed, developed, and delivered robust cyber security service strategies for hundreds of businesses in London, Birmingham, and Milton Keynes since opening its doors in 2009. From establishing an effective framework to implementing ongoing monitoring and updating, the comprehensive approach to digital security can protect the company from every angle. Some of the key cyber security services offered are;

  • Penetration testing
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Compliance
  • Cyber security training

Cyber security services that extend to staff training are particularly important as an estimated 90-95% of all breaches can be traced back to human error. Managed247 can teach you to protect yourselves while still providing managed monitoring to keep an eye on the company’s presence and safety in the online arena.

Before plotting the next steps for your business, it’s important to know where things currently stand. Managed247’s advanced penetration testing processes can simulate an authorised cyberattack on the company’s servers and facilities to highlight any vulnerabilities. This involves using some of the most advanced hacking strategies available to gain an accurate insight into the situation. It’s far better to learn about the issues in a simulation rather than a genuine attack.

Managed247’s EDR cyber security services ensure that a quick and sufficient reaction will be made following an attack. While prevention is the best form of protection, it isn’t always possible. Managed IT services that include monitored cybersecurity will restrict the damage and consequential fallout.

Cyber security is an integral feature of any successful IT management strategy, not least because modern companies require 24 x 7 x 365 protection. However, outsourcing your cyber security services to a specialist can reduce your costs, deliver scalability, allow you to benefit from broader experiences and experts, satisfy security standards, and ensure that your business is an early adopter of emerging technologies. 

Furthermore, managed IT cyber security is the convenient choice as fixed prices make it easier to forecast expenses. Likewise, the fact that your in-house teams will no longer be tasked with micromanaging this aspect will enable them to place greater focus on the primary business model. The combination of direct benefits for protecting the company and indirect rewards of support long-term performance levels ensures that outsourced cybersecurity signal a sound investment for any business.

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IT cyber security isn’t something you can afford to keep putting off. Managed247 makes the process of upgrading and maintaining your defence systems easier than you ever imagined. To find out more, use the contact form below:

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