Cloud Computing

Future-proof your business by taking servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence online.

Cloud Computing

Delivering computer services over the Internet is a modern approach to IT management that can transform the way your Mid-Market or Enterprise-sized company handles its computing operations and tech infrastructure. Managed247 award-winning managed service provider (MSP) experts help businesses navigate the minefield to complete a smooth transition from outdated systems to an advanced and highly versatile solution.

When implemented correctly, cloud computing brings a plethora of operational benefits for organisations of varying sizes. The list includes cost savings, increased security, loss prevention, disaster recovery, mobility, better quality control capabilities, and improved opportunities for collaboration. Moreover, automated software updates ensure that a competitive edge is gained.

Cloud computing can deliver sky-high possibilities for your business, but only when it delivers a comprehensive and considered strategy that’s truly centred around the individual needs of the company. Managed365 provides a full consultation to determine which cloud computing services will deliver immediate and long-term success. Common choices for enterprises include;

  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Microsoft 365.
  • Cloud Networking.

As a progressive MSP that has operated since 2009, Managed247 has positioned itself as a leading MSP for helping businesses adopt cloud computing efficiently and cost-effectively while ensuring that clients are set to see the full rewards of professional cloud services.

Whether it’s taking existing servers and software into the cloud or introducing new systems, cloud computing is a game-changer.

Managed247 delivers 1st line to 3rd line support to cloud computing clients to provide a truly comprehensive service. Platform monitoring and management ensures that a successful implementation is followed by a sustainable strategy that covers; 

  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring of Azure virtual machines and network resources.
  • Monitoring the environment for uptime, health, performance, and security.
  • Real-time CPU, memory, disk utilisation and threshold monitoring.
  • Real-time monitoring of critical related services and processes leveraging third-party tooling to ensure uptime and respond to any issues that occur.
  • Deployment and management of automated tasks for environment management.
  • Critical alert and event notifications.
  • Management and remediation of any alerts generated from the system.
  • Troubleshooting and remediation of system and user-generated Incidents and problems.
  • Addressing service requests related to the environment.
  • Change management to accommodate recommended changes in the environment.

Cloud computing takes systems and software into the online landscape. Virtual Machine Monitoring and Management ensures the operational integrity and high availability of virtualised compute resources in Azure.

VM monitoring and management allow you to enhance the performance of virtual systems, cementing its place as one of the most significant cloud services available. It is supported on several operating systems including Linux options RedHat, Amazon Linux, Centos, Debian, and Ubuntu as well as Windows servers that support Azure. 

Cloud computing and the use of IT servers is a permanent solution to ongoing IT requirements. Managed247 takes the benefits to the next level through Patch Management services that manage and deploy operating system patches or critical updates. It is easy for businesses to ignore this task, but it is vital for protecting cloud servers against potential vulnerabilities. Path management covers;

  • Patch policy creation for virtual servers.
  • Patch pilot rollouts and testing.
  • Patch deployment (Scheduled and On-demand).
  • Patch compliance reporting.
  • CVSS Scoring of scope virtual machines (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).

VM scheduled downtime windows are arranged and agreed upon between Managed and Rascal Systems engineers. They are subsequently used for patching any approved or pre-approved patches.

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Cloud computing can transform the future of how you conduct daily business operations but the right planning and protocols must be used if you wish to unleash the full potential of cloud services and cloud-based IT systems. Take the first step by calling Managed247 to discover the best solutions for your venture today.

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