Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a security solution that monitors an organisation’s devices to detect and respond to cyber threats.

How does EDR work?

EDR tools identify and investigate threats on the endpoint devices that are connected to an organisation’s network. Such devices can include smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and routers.

ur security solutions can analyse events within your endpoint devices and if suspicious activity is identified, an alert will be raised that will prompt us to uncover, investigate, and provide a remedy to the threat before damage is done.

Why does your organisation need EDR?

You might have cybersecurity measures in place already, such as antivirus software and firewalls. These are undoubtedly very useful but as hackers come up with new and intricate ways to attack organisations, some threats may go unnoticed by standard antivirus software if it hasn’t been upgraded to deal with the latest forms of cyber attack. 

One benefit of EDR is that it includes real-time monitoring and detection of threats. It is behaviour based – meaning it can detect network behaviours that aren’t considered normal – so can quickly determine threat patterns when they arise.

EDR doesn’t only detect unusual behaviour and raise alerts. It also has the capacity to quarantine suspected or infected items before serious problems are caused within the endpoint device and network. 

As such, EDR should become part of your security strategy. As threats continue to evolve, the antivirus software you use may become redundant but the advanced security solutions provided by our EDR tools will ensure your business always remains protected. 

Benefits of Managed EDR

Sleep Sound with Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you don’t want to be worrying about potential security issues on a daily basis as you will have all kinds of other concerns to fill your day. By outsourcing IT support to Managed247, you can benefit from the security tools and response times that our knowledgeable team can offer you.

Security tools for large-scale networks

As businesses expand, they can have hundreds if not thousands of endpoints on their networks. Traditional antivirus tools are not powerful enough to provide the required level of security to large networks but with the EDR security solutions we provide, you can have something that is designed to scale up with your business.

Better protection of your business

EDR technology automatically identifies stealthy attackers and sends alerts to our team of threat hunters who will quickly investigate, advise, and deal with malicious attacks on your network before they cause a full-blown breach.

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