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Why Your Business Should Use Outsourced Tech Support.

Outsourced tech support is the right move for businesses. Working with a managed IT service provider can present a range of advantages that you don’t see when using an in-house team. At the same time, there are virtually no drawbacks. If you carry on reading, you’ll see just how beneficial it is to outsource IT support in your organisation…

Outsourced tech support provides certified professionals
Outsourcing has the benefit of providing your business with a ready-made team of certified professionals. You don’t have to go out and hire them yourself, which can be a big challenge. It may be difficult to find the right people for the job, with the correct qualifications.

An outsourced IT support team will automatically grant you access to highly-talented individuals whenever you need them.

Working with a managed IT service provider saves money
There’s simply no denying that outsourced tech support teams are more cost-effective than in-house ones. When you outsource, you pay a fee for the service and that’s it.

Compare that to the inflationary costs of putting your own IT team together. Here are some of the things you’ll have to pay for:

Staff wages, Staff bonuses, Staff benefits, Staff training, Recruitment costs, Onboarding costs.

Already, that’s a fairly extensive list – and all of these things are expensive. What’s more, you have these expenses for every member of the IT support team. Outsourcing offers a more affordable alternative to this that will keep your overheads down and avoid eating into your bottom line.

Outsourced IT support gives you 24/7 coverage.

The world of IT never sleeps. Problems happen at any given moment, so you need someone to be there to assist you ASAP.

Outsourced tech support provides 24/7 coverage 365 days a year. When you need support, you get it right away at no extra cost.

Comparatively, in-house teams are unlikely to provide 24/7 coverage. How do you pay people to work out of hours? It becomes even more costly as you probably need a larger team to create shift work. But then what if there are no issues? Someone is paid to work the night shift without doing anything. It’s all very complicated and confusing, which is why outsourcing makes way more sense.

An improved end
user experience.

Another big advantage of using a managed IT service provider is that you get a better end-user experience. There are client portals that contain all the information you need and make it easy for you to deal with issues.

At the same time, there are live chat capabilities that let you chat with someone when you run into concerns. As mentioned above, the 24/7 service adds to the user experience; there will always be someone available when you need them.

Outsourcing is both scalable and flexible.

The scalability of outsourced tech support cannot be matched. If you need more support, you simply pay for a more complete service. Likewise, if you need to scale back, you can!

Outsourcing is super flexible – which can’t be said of in-house hires. It’s a bigger challenge to scale an in-house IT support team because you have financial complications and many other things to worry about.

Overall, businesses should use outsourced tech support if they want to save money, improve efficiency and get a better all-around service. If you’re interested in taking the plunge, get in touch with us today to learn more.

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