Don’t keep your head in the clouds

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Cloud storage is important to your business. Necessary even. However, many are not using it in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Moving to cloud storage is perceived as an eco-friendly option when it comes to saving and storing your data. But even the cloud needs to run on a data centre, which subsequently uses a vast amount of power to run.

And with data centres seeing as much as a 50% increase in price per amp, even cloud systems are becoming expensive to run. Inevitably, the cost is going to be passed onto businesses.

Climate change is an incredibly hot topic and one of the biggest threats to our planet. The increased use of technology in people’s daily lives is having a bigger impact on energy consumption, money and the carbon footprint that follows.

Companies such as Facebook and Google own huge data centres that are used to hold and store all of the information and content that millions of users contribute daily, powering the platforms. This in turn contributes massively to the amount of energy that is consumed around the world. If you add to this the increased use of services such as Azure and Amazon Web Services – which are ultimately just computers sitting in data centres around the world – you see the scale of the issue.

Running an IT network consumes a lot of power, helping to run numerous systems, and storing vital information so that everyone can do their jobs.

So how can you change your processes to become more energy efficient and save money?

Power for power’s sake?

Is there something powered on and active within your data centre or cloud hosting environment that doesn’t need to be? Archives, old backups, and DR equipment (that may not even work anymore) could be wasting unnecessary power.

Running round the clock? 

Do your servers need to be running 24/7? Explore ways that you could be more efficient and intelligent about when your systems are switched on. This goes for on-prem and cloud applications.

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Be more energy efficient

Newer technologies are generally more energy efficient. You can look into ways to upgrade or replace your current systems, reducing your carbon footprint and your costs at the same time.

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Get Managed247 to help

Managed247 can conduct an Energy Audit on your estate using our vast knowledge and experience in innovative technology along with our BSI 14001 accreditation to suggest changes you can make.

We can look at your existing IT environment and offer guidance and a new, sustainable strategy that can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint and your energy consumption too.

It’s so important for everyone to make changes, although it can be tough to do EVERYTHING perfectly – for numerous reasons.

However, more businesses doing things imperfectly is better than just one doing everything perfectly.

Get in touch with Managed247 to chat with us about an Energy Audit. 


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