What is Microsoft Azure?

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Microsoft Azure is a powerful collection of cloud services that have been specifically put together to help businesses thrive. Offering a whole host of cloud services, it allows businesses to work faster and smarter, for cheaper. 

With that, it’s not difficult to see why some of the world’s leading corporations rely on Microsoft Azure to deliver their essential services.

The Difference Between On Premise and Cloud
The function of on premise and cloud storage is the same: they both hold an organisation’s key software and data. The difference lies in how — and crucially where — they do it. On premise storage is exactly as it sounds: it’s all kept onsite at the company’s physical location on dedicated servers.

Cloud storage is provided by a third-party provider, who hosts all of the organisation’s data, software, and documents for them. This method is increasingly popular because, even though someone else is fundamentally in charge, it allows businesses to have greater control over their needs. It’s much easier to scale cloud services than onsite servers, allowing businesses to adapt their requirements based on their needs.

The Hybrid Approach
You might think that you need to choose between on premise and cloud storage, but that’s not the case. There’s a third option: the hybrid option, hybrid meaning that you have some of your systems located onsite, and some located offsite on a manager server. This option is popular as it helps companies to retain some of their most sensitive data at their premises, while also benefiting from all the advantages that cloud services such as Microsoft Azure provides. The hybrid approach also provides a good safety measure against catastrophe, since not all of the company’s eggs will be in one basket.

Choosing the right method, whether it be on premise, cloud, or a mixture of the two, is down to the organisation’s needs, especially its capability — and need — to remain agile and scalable. Flexible companies generally require cloud services or the hybrid approach.

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